32cd Annual Bluebonnet Brew-Off

It’s that time of year again! The 32cd Annual Bluebonnet Brew-Off is coming up soon in March.

Important Dates:

January 14 Online Entry Registration and Event Registration opens
January 28 Online Entry Registration closes (or total of 1525 entries)
February 1 Deadline for physical receipt of entries
March 16 Online Event Registration closes for reduced Admission
March 23 & 24 Bluebonnet Conference

If you’re interested in attending, the club will pay for the cost of your event registration ticket. You are responsible for finding your way there, your lodging (book early if you want lodging at the event hotel), and any entry fees if you enter the competition.

All details can be found at the competition website: http://bbbrewoff.com/bluebonnetbrewoff/