Club Meetings

Club meetings are typically held on the second Thursday of every month at different locations around the city. Meetings are a great time for the club to socialize with like-minded brewers, talk about up-and-coming events, share brew knowledge, and handle club business.

Brew Competitions

We hold brew competitions throughout the year. The Arkansas Beer Challenge includes judging training, in addition to the regular, objective BJCP judging and awards. There is also a subjective judging and prize for the “tastiest beer”.


Established in 2003, our event is operated by a team dedicated to making this the premier home brew and craft beer event in Arkansas. This year the event will be held September 24, 2016, 6:00pm at Dickey Stevens Park in Little Rock, Arkansas.

Big Brew Day

Held on National Brew Day on the first Saturday of May! We join people all over the country, brewing batches of beer. CAF celebrates this event every year. It’s a great time to come learn more about the craft and history of man kinds first recipe… beer!